Time (to) Change

Not to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I’m dreading the “fall-back” time change this weekend. Back in my single-and-loving-it days (which Hub and now consider ‘before children’), it was great because it meant we could stay out later and sleep in longer without any added guilt. It was a real treat. You might assume I’d love the extra hour even more now with three little ones since this tired, strung-out mommy can never seem to get enough sleep and is forever wishing for more hours in a day to get it all done.   But, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Instead of helping, the extra hour just hurts. If the kids’ usual bedtime is around 8pm, we will have to wait until 9pm to put them down so it doesn’t feel like they’re going down at 7pm. Which is critical on the back end because we most definitely don’t want them waking up at ‘the new’ 5am which is their usual 6am (even though we pray they’ll sleep until 8am, which will now be ‘the new’ 7am). Do you follow? In actuality, we sort of have to wean them into the time change by tricking them and slowly adjusting their schedule by 15-30 min increments each night the first week, cumulatively, until we’ve reached a full hour difference. Ok, we’re really not that strict and orderly, but that’s the general idea. Otherwise we’ll wind up with 3 very tired and cranky early birds – and even more tired and cranky parents, if that’s even possible at this point. I already feel a panic attack coming on.

I’m also convinced I that I get a case of SAD every year (Seasonal Affective Disorder – yup, it’s really a thing). It’s bad enough that I’m housebound most of the time, tied up with loads of dishes and laundry that somehow multiply faster than we do, in record time. (Seriously, having 3 kids in 3.5 years was really aggressive.)  Add to that the fact that it gets darker earlier each week until mid-Dec, so the window of opportunity to get outside for some much-needed Vitamin D and playtime with the kids (for quality family time, of course, but also to wear their little fannies out) diminishes over time… and you’re in a real pickle jar, just fermenting away. The winter blues are real, people. And they suck. I didn’t even mention the obvious cold weather that keeps people indoors more, too. And now with a third baby in the mix, this should get interesting.

So, ‘in light’ of this new blog journey (see what I did there?) and the upcoming time change, I’ve decided it’s most definitely Time To Change my ways and set some new personal goals for myself, effective immediately. So here it goes:

  • Be a more patient mommy (and wife, daughter, sister, niece, etc.)
  • Cut (way) back on stress drinking.
  • Exercise. More.
  • Read. Even if it is about self-help or raising strong-willed kids.
  • Find a reason to laugh every day.
  • Get better organized (this is more like a hobby or a high; it’s my therapy).
  • Practice being present and mindful.
  • Pray or meditate. Or something.
  • Get better at saying NO and put my own family first (i.e., stop being the families’ middle-man and messenger)
  • Toss the shallow friendships and foster true friendships.
  • End every day with gratitude.
  • Work on improving my self-esteem.
  • Blog about it and stay accountable.

So there you have it. Bring on the time change because it’s seriously Time To Change.