Wine not?

Whether it’s used as a question or statement, I’m finding myself saying this an awful lot lately.  I go back and forth constantly with whether or not I should continue my almost-nightly habit of drinking wine while trudging through the evening routine of homework (yes, with a 4yr. old), dinner, baths, TV, and bedtime with my three kids between the ages of 6mo-4yrs.  Just saying that makes me want to take (another) sip!  There, I said it.

So “Why Not?” have a glass of wine to unWINEd and get through these crazy, fun, and/or stressful evenings?  Or should I ask, “WINE NOT?”  Every morning I promise myself, “I won’t have any tonight.”  Then every evening, after the kids are all home safely and at least 2 of the 3 are whining at the same exact time, I throw my hands up and say, “Why Not?” and begin pouring.  Yes, sometimes I literally throw my hands up (I’m part Italian).  From the little bit of blog-reading I’ve done on this topic so far, I’ve learned that some refer to this as a f*ck-it moment.  Yup, sounds aboouut right.

Right now it’s 10:30 pm and I’m thinking aboutthe past couple days.  Until now, my last sip was Saturday night.  It’s now Monday night and I’m having my first glass instead of my 3rd or 4th by now.  I didn’t even pour the first sip until 10pm, after everyone was in bed and I was ready to (FI-NAL-LY) sit down for some quiet time to myself.  I’m feeling half regret, and half proud that I’ve made it this far,  And I know I won’t have more than a glass or two since I’m just about ready for bed.  So on nights like this, when I can be more controlled with the timing and limit the amount, I ask myself Why Not? instead of saying Wine Not!  Which leads to some reflecting on this matter in the form of Pros & Cons (I’m a lists person).

WHY NOT Have A Glass? (i.e., f*ck it)
1)  It helps me relax.
2) It tastes sooo good.
3) It takes the edge off the hard work and whining that comes with managing 3 young kids (often alone).
4) It’s mine and the kids can’t have it.
5) I can really limit myself to only having one or two glasses tonight.  I just know it.
6) It makes me feel happy and tingly inside.
7) I temporarily forget about my troubles (or just not give shit, for the moment).
8) I have a bar in my house that is fun to use.
9) It’ll help my mind stop racing so I can finally fall asleep.
10) Because I can, and I want to, damnit.

Hmmm.  My intention with this post was to also reflect on the reasons Wine Not! to do it… but apparently I’m in the mood to sip 1-2 glasses (only!) and get some sleep.  I’m exhausted and have a very busy week ahead of me.

And so it goes…


So, what do you think?

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